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This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux main mirror. The server runs naturally SliTaz (stable) in a virtual machine gracefully hosted by balinor-technologies and is located in France.

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Path: /iso/
13 folders and 0 files.
NameLast ModifiedSize
Parent Directory/ -  
1.0/2008-Mar-22 18:52:52-  
2.0/2009-Apr-16 22:35:40-  
3.0/2010-Mar-28 21:04:45-  
4.0/2023-Oct-16 12:44:47-  
5.0-rc/2016-Jan-04 22:17:51-  
cooking/2023-Oct-16 11:24:28-  
current/2023-Oct-16 21:43:31-  
latest/2023-Oct-15 02:45:11-  
next/2018-Jul-18 01:29:46-  
rolling/2023-Oct-15 02:45:11-  
stable/2023-Oct-16 12:44:47-  
tank/2014-Sep-25 23:35:40-  
vintage/2007-Dec-06 00:00:00-