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This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux main mirror. The server runs naturally SliTaz (stable) in a virtual machine gracefully hosted by balinor-technologies and is located in France.

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SliTaz Next ISO at the very early stage.

SliTaz Next is an attempt to keep SliTaz packages up-to-date. Packages versions
and patches are mainly follow the Linux From Scratch guides.

SliTaz Next don't looks like "regular" SliTaz: it's not so slim, not so small
and not intended for old hardware. Is it the SliTaz fork? Well, maybe.

These ISO you see in this folder are not guaranteed even to boot, so please
use them at your own risk.

| 32-bit SliTaz distributions are subject to     |
| Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.          |
| No patch from the Linux Kernel developers yet. |
| Please don't use our 32-bit distributions      |
| without realizing all the risks associated     |
| with these vulnerabilities.                    |