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This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux main mirror. The server runs naturally SliTaz (stable) in a virtual machine gracefully hosted by balinor-technologies and is located in France.

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Path: /iso/1.0/
1 folders and 6 files.
NameLast ModifiedSize
Parent Directory/ -  
flavors/2014-Dec-12 15:32:53-  
packages-1.0.iso2009-Jul-24 01:00:00 #270.3M
packages-1.0.md52009-Jul-24 01:00:00 #0.0K
slitaz-1.0.iso2008-Mar-22 18:52:52 #24.8M
slitaz-1.0.md52008-Mar-22 18:52:52 #0.0K
slitaz-stable.iso2008-Mar-22 18:52:52 #24.8M
slitaz-stable.md52008-Mar-22 18:52:52 #0.0K