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This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux main mirror. The server runs naturally SliTaz (stable) in a virtual machine gracefully hosted by balinor-technologies and is located in France.

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Path: /iso/5.0-rc/
0 folders and 9 files.
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slitaz-5.0-rc1.iso2014-May-02 14:16:00 #41.0M
slitaz-5.0-rc1.log2014-May-02 14:16:00 #25.7K
slitaz-5.0-rc1.md52014-May-02 14:37:00 #0.1K
slitaz-5.0-rc2.iso2014-May-19 18:10:00 #42.0M
slitaz-5.0-rc2.log2014-May-19 18:10:00 #25.7K
slitaz-5.0-rc2.md52014-May-19 18:11:00 #0.1K
slitaz-5.0-rc3.iso2015-May-20 11:52:01 #42.0M
slitaz-5.0-rc3.md52015-May-20 11:52:01 #0.1K
README2016-Jan-04 22:16:50 #0.4K
Release Candidates (RC) for upcoming SliTaz 5.0 Release:

  * RC1 released 2014-May-02
  * RC2 released 2014-May-19
  * RC3 released 2015-May-20

These RC are historical releases for today; and they contain bugs.

For current development SliTaz version please revert to the parent directory
and enter folder "rolling". Rolling version released every week and contains
all the bug fixes and other upgrades.